Anonymous asked:

can you write a nalu smut please?? your an amazing writer! i wish you'd write more nalu though ..

youaintgotthefunk answered:

AWW anonny! I DO LOVE NALU TOO, I just happen to be gray/juvia/gruvia sexual, so whoops the muse tends to kick to them more often. HOWEVER, I do have the occasional nalu ideas! This one literally just came at all once (no double entendre intended—heh I’m terrible) so ahh, I hope it satisfies you!

and also dedicated to my amazing friend taylor ‘cause YO HER NATSU LIKE DAYUMM but then Lucy so beautiful omg omg *A* i’m very fond of her nalu art can you tell. and that nsfw work…!

anywho, hope you like it! >w< under the cut due to ahem mature content


Natsu never would’ve guessed that the heat he likes most wouldn’t be his own.

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